Optimo’s JD Twitch has lined up the most ambitious project yet from his Autonomous Africa imprint.

Youth Stand Up! is an album collaboration between Glasgow’s Green Door Studio, the Tafi Cultural Institute in Tafi Atome, Ghana, and Lebeha Drumming Center in Hopkins, Belize.

After a successful fundraiser to send instruments and recording equipment out to Africa, a group of 11 musicians from Glasgow bands like Golden Teacher, Whilst, Psychic Soviets and Froth travelled out to meet seven young Ghanaian musicians making hiplife and Borborbor music and five young Belizian musicians who play traditional Garifuna music.

Adding their love for dancehall and hip-hop plus the Glaswegians’ various background in punk, jazz and electronic music, the melting pot produced the Youth Stand Up! album, out October 9 via Autonomous Africa.

JD Twitch’s forthcoming 12″ remix of ‘Come With Me’ features vocals from 11-year-old Leandra Ramos from Belize – stream it below and learn more about the ideas behind Autonomous Africa in our previous interview with the label boss.

Another Autonomous Africa fundraiser is planned for November 27 at The Vic Bar in Glasgow, featuring sets by JD Twitch, Golden Teacher, Sacred Paws and Ghana Soundz, and all proceeds from the Youth Stand Up! album sales will be put towards building a recording studio and cultural centre in Tafi Atome.



1. Youth Stand Up
2. Ava Wo Nane
3. Come With Me
4. Crawling By Me
5. Beat The Drum
6. Set Upon The River
7. Lagueda
8. Tsorna
9. Tuteme vs Tafi Atome at the Green Door
10. Digital bonus – ‘Akpe Lo’



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