The Shattered Dreams producer helps kick off a new Kansas City party.

Joey LaBeija has been on our radar for some time and cemented himself as a club-producer-to-watch with his excellent Shattered Dreams album (one of the year’s best).

The producer has temporarily relocated from New York to Kansas City and his latest offering is a brief mix for the city’s newest club night, Club Stain — a monthly curated by DJs Zara and Lagan in collaboration with artist Christian Velasquez (who provided the art, below) that “investigates the fluidity of emotion and instinctual longing to liberate the self.”

That’s the M.O. for his Club Stain mix. “Conceptually, the project is an introspective journey of an emotional, drunk night at the club while dealing with and trying to forget about the shit I have to deal with tomorrow,” he writes. “Realistically, it’s simply me rebelling against the less than lackluster dance music surfacing the internet.”

Stream the mix below, featuring a slew of unreleased edits (of everyone from Soul II Soul to Disturbed). Club Stain presents I’m Screaming will be held at Kansas City’s Niche on October 15, featuring LaBeija, Traxxx Romay, Zara and Lagan.




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