The dedicated space for multi-directional sound opens later this month.

4DSOUND – the spatial soundsystem that allows you to experience sound from all directions – has announced details of “a new global centre for research and development in the field of spatial sound and immersive sonic environments.”

The Institute of Spatial Sound is located in Budapest, and will feature an omnidirectional, four-storey soundsystem used for production, education and research. The institute will incorporate a project space with 20 residencies, submissions for which will be accepted over the coming months.

4DSOUND believes that the next decade will see the medium of spatial sound growing into an established area of study, with an influence on scientific, socio-cultural and artistic areas, and the institute will primarily explore how spatial listening affects awareness, social interaction and wellbeing.

The institute is set to open on October 16 in Budapest’s Art Quarter with a retrospective of works created on 4DSOUND over the past four years, with Gábor Lázár, Max Cooper and more making an appearance. You can find more information and pick up tickets here.

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