The reissue project Peter Christopherson started before his death comes to life.

Coil’s discography has fallen into neglect somewhat over the years as more and more releases have gone out of print. That was intended to change with the Threshold Archives (named after Coil’s label Threshold House), a project Peter Christopherson started in 2006 and which remained unfinished on his death in 2010.

The Archive has now been completed by former Coil members, close friends, and family members following Christopherson’s blueprints. The collection brings back over 30 releases from Coil’s history beginning with early sketches and soundtracks (including the soundtrack to Derek Jarman’s The Angelic Conversation) up to a reissue of the duo’s final album, The New Backwards, featuring unreleased outtakes and new music.

The Archive also stresses upfront the impossibility of an “authorized” Coil release due to the deaths of both members (John Balance died in 2004, marking the end of the project), concluding that “without Balance and Sleaz, there is no official Coil release nor will there ever be again. Nothing that bears the word ‘Coil’ is authorized, official, or sanctioned by Coil as Coil has ceased to exist.” Despite that, the detail and dedication of these releases is worth the attention of any fan. Take a look through the collection on Forced Exposure for detailed descriptions of each release.

Update, October 14: Former Coil associate Jon Whitney has confirmed that he is organising the releases.

Following speculation over who was behind the reissues, Whitney posted a statement on his own Brainwashed Archives website explaining that he “was hoping to stay out of the spotlight” but “circumstances are now forcing me to comment publicly.”

“Sleazy sought my help beginning in 2006 arranging archival reissues and we formulated an agreement between Brainwashed Archives/Threshold House,” he writes. “Peter and I spent time together in 2008 when he stayed a week during the Brainwaves festival and deals were signed. Following Peter’s death, this project was encouraged, supported, and contributed to by both Drew and Thighpaulsanda, other guests and friends, and has received the full endorsement of Geff’s [John Balance] surviving family, who has stated: ‘do as you see fit, it makes sense for the quality to be out there’

“My intention at this point was remove Brainwashed from the name and launch Threshold Archives by finishing the project Peter and I began, with the hopes of turning over control for beautiful, fully remastered stunning LPs of the ‘proper’ releases at some point in the future.”

“Operating a record label is not my full-time job and I do not want it to be. I hereby state that profits will be shared with all band members involved, even those who are opposed to these CDs being released, as well as surviving family.

“The quick, swift release of these items are an effort to head-off bootleg practices, which continue to run rampant worldwide.”

Read the full statement.



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