Friend of FACT Mr Beatnick adds “label boss” to resume.

Mr Beatnick (the alias of London’s Nick Wilson) will launch his Mythstery Records imprint by a mini-album by Breakplus, a Genevan producer with whom he previously collaborated as Thieves of Time Instant Bull (due out November 6) is the proper debut release of Breakplus and is described as a “hazy ride balancing mellow grooves for home listening with a trio of left-side club cuts – from heady psych rock to Turkish disco.”

“Mythstery records is a sort of reaction to everything I’ve learned over the last few years, making records with Benji Semtek on Don’t Be Afraid,” Beatnick tells Juno Plus. “It’s been an amazing experience for both of us, with the DBA label nailing a sort of UK underground aesthetic that’s an increasingly a real sound of its own.

“Benji and I spend a lot of time discussing that developing aesthetic and how it relates to the records… but for every record I release on that label there are piles of sessions with unreleased material in lots of other genres – boogie, funk, acid, slow ambient beatless stuff, and most of all, hip hop. Then you have all the bonkers unreleased stuff I increasingly get sent for my NTS radio show, which often is crying out to have a home somewhere.

“I still get emailed about the edits and hip hop beats I made and released back in 2005 – 2009 – it feels like it’s time to bite the bullet and create a little space to play around with all this sort of material – none of which is comparable to the more dancefloor stuff I’m doing on DBA and elsewhere.

“The goal is to create really fun little projects in limited runs which appeal to a broader taste than purely house & techno, though I’m sure there will be a bit of that thrown in for time to time just to keep everyone on their toes. It’s more for the old school collectors and crate diggers, that I grew up with, that inspired me and that are a big component in the aesthetic of the records I make.”


1. Intro
2. Crooked Love
3. Taksi
4. Gezi Park
5. Silver Bangle
6. Instant Bull
7. An Atoll Alien

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