Legowelt has returned to his boogie-funk inspired Calimex Mental Implant Corp. alias for a new album.

El Saber Del Arpavor appears on the prolific producer’s own Nightwind Records and is perfectly suited for “cruising boulevards, picnics, weight lifting, fitness training, swimming pool action, hazing out in the sun, late nite computer programming, Star Trek convention visits and other cool hobbies.”

Which sounds about right, actually. Track title highlights include ‘Paracruise Waffles’, ‘Jean Luc Picard’s Cucumber Station’ and ‘Ethiopian Ski Dream’. Stream ‘Reality Is Possible’ below and hear the rest via Bandcamp, where you can buy it for cheap.

Watch Legowelt make a track from scratch with his own patches, sample packs, a tape player and more, and check out his free ‘DX-Files’ sample pack for all your Yamaha needs.



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