The latest EP from Rinse is “an unforeseen nod to the past, present and future of grime music”.

The label has brought together three diverse artists for a five-track release, with grime producer Maniac and Tri Angle artist Boothroyd joining forces to build a vicious bedrock for East London MC Maxsta. The EP is led by the Maniac-produced title track ‘100 Problems’, which you can stream below.

The rest of the EP promises “wildly off-beat, atmospheric haze and staggered, cosmic FX” from the Boothroyd playbook on ‘No Retreat’, while ‘Green Light’ attempts to “bridge the gap between the two producers’ vividly disparate styles.” The “beatless, minimalist” (and spectacularly named) ‘Mare Street Dick Head’ is followed by the “HD melodies” of final track ‘Local Spitter’.

The 100 Problems EP is out on November 20 with artwork by Daniel Swan – check out the title track below.



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