Hinterland is set to arrive via Shipwrec offshoot Deep Sound Channel.

Dutch techno and electro producer Boris Bunnik, better known as Conforce, will release a new album under his Silent Harbour alias next month.

Bunnik has been most active under his Conforce alias in recent months, delivering the Presntism LP for Delsin in June along with an EP on his own Transcendent imprint. This year has also seen Bunnik release electro-leaning records under the aliases of Hexagon (also through Transcendent), Versalife and Vernon Felicity. His only previous outing as Silent Harbour was a dub-influenced self-titled album for Echocord, arriving in 2012.

Bunnik’s new Silent Harbour LP is due to arrive via Shipwrec offshoot Deep Sound Channel. The Dutch label has delivered work from the likes of Dasha Rush, Mike Parker, Tripeo and Milton Bradley since launching in 2013. Silent Harbour’s Hinterland collects eight tracks, and appears to be a vinyl-only release. The double-LP set will be released on November 9. Hear previews over at Clone. [via RA]


01. Morning Sun
02. Draft
03. Tidal Window
04. Navier Stokes Equations
05. Feg Depth
06. Environmental Migrant
07. Black Cloud
08. Travelogue



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