The New York producer-DJ enlists underground club stars for a remix EP.

Nire caught our attention earlier this month with the video for ‘Commie Mommie’, a politically-charged club anthem that features Maluca and Nani Castle.

The single appears on Nire’s Radika album, on which the New York producer worked only with women “to create a new type of experience for myself and the artists who frequently only have the choice to work with men in the studio,” she writes. “Not that that is an inherently negative thing, but I wanted to expand options and create new experiences.”

“‘Commie Mommie’ is a celebration of a powerful, diverse, feminine community embodying a critique of the hypocritical societal expectations of women,” she explains. Maluca describes the song as “an inclusive platform for women to express their anger, activism, humor and femininity.”

“As the daughter of an exile and political activist, I feel a certain responsibility to make music that inspires progressive movement. My verse is inspired by my mother who is a fierce believer is justice and equality,” adds Nani Castle.

The song has now been remixed by underground club dwellers UNIIQU3, Joey LaBeija, False Witness, Stud1nt, DZA, Ynfynyt Scroll and Wreck Tech, because Nire “wanted to see how each of them would interpret, add their own voice and bring ‘Commie Mommie’ deeper into the club!” See for yourself — download the remixes below and Radika via iTunes.



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