Martin ‘Pye Corner Audio’ Jenkins will release a new cassette album as The Head Technician, Zones. 

As Pye Corner Audio, Jenkins has been behind some truly beguiling records, releasing regularly on Ghost Box, Type and his own Pye Corner Audio Transcription Services label. Zones promises six stripped back dance tracks made on the Roland TR-606, MC-202 and TB-303, inspired by Detroit techno, UK bleep and more.

In Jenkins words, “It’s really satisfying to set up patterns on each machine, let them run and tweak and adjust as the track unfolds. All of these pieces were initially live takes, with just a couple of overdubs and some edits to tighten up the arrangements. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the 202, I can’t get enough of that square wave bass that it does, but it’s such a beast to program.”

Zones will be released on November 1 through Ecstatic Recordings. Stream ‘Exit Strategy’ below.




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