It’s always hard to pick favourites when it comes to 1080p, the Vancouver-based label that churns out more incredible tapes a month than most do in a year, but Via App is a strong contender.

The young Boston/NYC producer born Dylan Scheer debuted on the label with Dangerous Game back in September 2014, and bowled us over with her fizzing, post-hypnagogic take on 4/4 rhythms.

Scheer is back on 1080p this month, this time with a proper 12″ to suit her disjointed freak-techno explorations, which peak on the thundering ‘Sunkissed’. “Disparately sourced vocal samples, twinkling synths, and creeping basslines dialogue and tangle on the the table of App’s demonic feast,” notes the label.

The five-track record is out on vinyl and digitally this month. Hear samples of every track in the player below.



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