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Each week, FACT trawls through the untamed world of free mixes, radio specials and live blends so you don’t have to.

This week, we’ve got woozy house and rushing techno from two of the most legit dance DJs around, the most bonkers Halloween mix of the season, Three 6 Mafia taking over NTS and more. Yes, you did read that last bit right.

Phonica Mix 18

Is there ever a bad time for a Leif mix? The Welsh wizard and FreeRo lodge-master’s session for Phonica strikes the perfect balance between sighing chords and crunchy drums with tracks from October, STP, Steevio and more. A pleasure, as ever.

DJ Bone
Red Light Radio mix

Detroit’s DJ Bone is an unsung hero of sorts: he’s been carving out a territory of his own in techno since the mid-90s but has had a recent European resurgence, with support from labels like Hessle Audio and Don’t Be Afraid. On Resident Advisor‘s recent takeover of Red Light Radio, Bone does what he does best, rolling out pacey techno with plenty of bold melodies and soulful samples. There’s also a short interview, most notably for Bone’s incredibly deep voice.

4 LQQK 2015

Let’s face it: Madteo’s a weirdo. The sort of weirdo who turns Drake ballads into art-techno collage. The sort of weirdo who makes club tracks that sound like they were mixed with a pillow over the monitors. The sort of weirdo who celebrates Halloween with a three hour mix that, for long periods only comprises of scratchy noises and delay effects. And as ever, he’s the sort of weirdo makes it work brilliantly – and has the best cheekbones in techno to boot. Salute.


Dan Bodah’s Vocal Fry
November 2 2015

Ending on a gem for seekers of the rare and curious, the mighty good, mightily unpredictable WFMU (the New York radio station that’s been flying for the flag for weird freeform radio for decades) has been broadcasting Dan Bodah’s Vocal Fry since September, a show devoted to all kinds of weird and wonderful mouth music. On the latest episode you can hear Joan La Barbara’s glossolalia, The Meat Puppets’ whistling, a two-year-old cowboy’s googly-mouthed yodelling and Tuvan throat singing punks Yat-Kha.

DJ Paul
NTS Guest Mix

So DJ Paul was on NTS this week-

Yes, you did read that right, DJ Paul was on NTS this week. The Three 6 Mafia member, alas, didn’t brave Gillett Square (can you imagine?), but it’s a nifty pre-record that features a lot of Drake, a lot of Future and really, who cares: it’s DJ Paul on NTS. The station might get high quality guests on every week, but even for them this is a head-turner.

Galcher Lustwerk
Live at Pitchfork Paris After-Party

The enigmatic Brooklyn boy starts off deep, dark and skeletal in a set from last month’s Pitchfork Paris, heating up the room with some of his own lysergically enhanced talk-rap jams before cranking the heat with a selection of back-to-basics, classically styled electro, house and techno.

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