Photos: Floating Points live in Brooklyn, New York

Floating Points hits Brooklyn with the band.

On Saturday November 7 Floating Points played live with an 11-piece band at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, as part of the Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival. The first major show since the release of his debut album Elaenia, the band helped recreate the width and warmth of the album, bringing Elaenia to life. Support came from Paul Raffaele.

Photographer Mark Cole was there to capture the event for FACT — see the photos below.

IMG_5779-2 IMG_5784-2 IMG_5786-2 IMG_5794-2 IMG_5800 IMG_5807 IMG_5815 IMG_5819

IMG_5823 IMG_5824 IMG_5829 IMG_5846 IMG_5853-2 IMG_5864-2 IMG_5870 IMG_5875 IMG_5882 IMG_5889 IMG_5892-2 IMG_5895 IMG_5907-2 IMG_5915-2



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