FIT Sound will release DJ Sotofett’s Percussion Mixes Vol. 1 in December.

The Sex Tags co-founder has had a busy 2015 and is showing no sign of slowing down. So far this year, Sotofett has released an acclaimed full-length via Honest Jon’s, a collaborative EP for Hypercolour alongside Luca Lozano and the TDD-DDRR-IPP MIX EP for Austrian label Laton.

For his next release, Sotofett will deliver a two-track 12″ via Detroit’s FIT Sound. The A-side is reserved for Sotofett’s ‘Tribute to ‘Sore Fingers”. On the flip he remixes Abu Sayah’s ‘Houran’. The B-side uses source material from Sayah’s upcoming release on Versatile Records, which was recorded by Gilb’R and is due early next year.

Stream ‘Tribute to ‘Sore Fingers” below. [via RA]



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