DJ Sprinkles has conjured up an ace deep house remix of Simon Fisher Turner’s film score.

The Epic of Everest was filmed in 1924 by Captain John Noel, a mountaineer who accompanied George Mallory and Andrew Irvine on their deadly attempt to scale the world’s highest peak. The film was given a full release in 2013 with a new score by Fisher Turner combining Tibetan bells and horns with ethereal synth flutters and droning EBow guitar, as the composer explained to FACT in an interview at the time.

For the new release on Comatonse, Sprinkles pairs Fisher Turner’s softly pulsing ‘Shishapangma’ with a trademark Deeperama mix, breaking it down into an 11-minute, ultra-deep and meditative groove – hear samples on Boomkat.

Almost as epic as Everest is FACT’s four-part interview with Terre Thaemlitz, touching on clubland ideology, faith and the importance of negativity.



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