The pair discuss recording Fugazi, D.C. hardcore and Chicago club culture.

Veteran musicians Steve Albini and Ian MacKaye have interviewed each other for the latest instalment of music journalist Vish Khanna’s Kreative Kontrol podcast. Two of the strongest personalities to emerge from the 1980s punk scene took part in a candid conversation that discussed their overlapping histories in the hardcore community.

In the first instalment of the two-part interview, MacKaye recalls getting to know Albini first through his writing — specifically a negative review he wrote about MacKaye’s friends in Rites of Spring (“One of the greatest bands of all time,” according to MacKaye). “Yeah, they were awful,” Albini remembers with a laugh. Albini was more receptive of Mackaye’s own work. “There were a very small number of hardcore bands that I could stomach, and [Minor Threat] were at the very top of that group.”

Albini also discussed his disdain for Chicago club culture (“I hated all of it”—although that is no surprise) and recalled recording demo sessions with Fugazi in the early 1990s. Stream the first part of the illuminating interview below. [via CoS]



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