Update: Vincent offers “an olive branch of sorts”.

In another post on Facebook, Vincent said: “I have carried a pocket knife my entire life. Today that will end, I will leave it in a droor. [sic]

“I understand today that the custom in this part of the world is different and I am open to integrating better.

“I really hope that by removing that issue of knives from my sentement (and pepper spray?) will help people to see the bigger point that I want to make, which is about subduing attackers physcially, if they are greatly outnumbered.

“This is what I wanted to say. I just can’t stop thinking about this venue, and the massacre, and how close this is related to my own job. I feel deeply for the victims and will focus now on mourning.”

“Throw your 750 euro iPhones at them as hard as you can!”

Levon Vincent has courted controversy by suggesting that people arm themselves with knives or mace in the wake of Friday’s terrorist attacks in Paris.

In a post on Facebook (since deleted), the techno producer wrote: “Please, people need to arm themselves. If you don’t like guns, you can get whatever maximum length knife allowable from your government. Everyone should have mace. Because you need to be able to stop those cowardly attacks immediately when the [sic] begin.”


The post attracted widespread criticism across social media, as did a further post that asked people not to comment on his opinion. When Vincent was asked why he then deleted critical comments he said: “I’m taking about self defense and being proactive about self defense in the face of massacre. But I keep deleting people’s shitty comments OUT OF RESPECT FOR THE DEAD. Now, PLEASE.”

In another lengthy statement posted on Facebook earlier today (November 16), Vincent responded to “the people who are speaking down to me in an abusive manner for piece of mind.”

“When I made that post Saturday morning, I clearly acknowledged that guns are not an option, and I offered two other solutions for basic self defense in the face of attackers: A knife or mace (pepper spray).

“I really want to stress again to you that if someone comes into a music venue or shopping centre etc, and pulls out an automatic weapon but is outnumbered – please, you MUST attack them. You have to subdue them.

“Im not talking Sly stallone or Rambo here alright? But please, I want to put this idea in your head: if someone pulls out a giant gun but is hugely outnumbered, please, I beg of you, you must attack and subdue that person. Throw your 750 euro iPhones at them as hard as you can! Use your fists. Do anything to subdue them.”



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