Photos: Oneohtrix Point Never live in Brooklyn

Take a walk in the Garden Of Delete.

On Friday November 20 Oneohtrix Point Never took his new album to Brooklyn’s Villain, with a live audio-visual performance that echoed the intensity of the lighting and art displayed at the venue. Shoutout to anyone who was able to keep staring into the strobe lights.

FACT’s Maxwell Schiano was there to capture the event – browse his photos below.

MaxwellSchiano_OPN_Villain_2015_NYC2 MaxwellSchiano_OPN_Villain_2015_NYC4 MaxwellSchiano_OPN_Villain_2015_NYC12 OPNNNNMaxwellSchiano_OPN_Villain_2015_NYC17 OPNNNN3 OPNNNN4MaxwellSchiano_OPN_Villain_2015_NYC20 MaxwellSchiano_OPN_Villain_2015_NYC23 MaxwellSchiano_OPN_Villain_2015_NYC30 MaxwellSchiano_OPN_Villain_2015_NYC31 MaxwellSchiano_OPN_Villain_2015_NYC35OPNNNN6 OPNNNN7MaxwellSchiano_OPN_Villain_2015_NYC15

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