The booking agency is going under, according to several artists.

Elastic Artists has been one of the UK’s key artist booking agencies over the last 10 years, specialising in dance music (though it’s also had plenty of grime artists and UK rappers on its books at times.) In recent years, several of its key agents have left to join agencies like Earth.

There have been behind-the-scenes murmurs of financial and legal problems at Elastic for several years, and this week, several artists have spoken (privately and publicly) about struggling to get paid for recent shows. Eglo Records and NTS’s Alexander Nut tweeted at Elastic yesterday, asking, “can your accounts department please reply to my emails and pay me the money I am owed.”

Several artists have told FACT that they have tried to contact Elastic about money that they’re owed, only to be told that the accounts team are unavailable, while two have told us that they believe the company is set to enter administration. A former employee at Elastic has echoed this view.

Elastic Agency currently has artists like Dixon, Danny L Harle and Leon Vynehall listed on its roster, although it’s worth noting that several of the artists on its website have moved to other agencies.

Nut later added that the situation is “in no way a reflection of the agents” themselves, while Eglo Records’ Queen Fatima said she was also awaiting payment.



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