Vancouver’s Loscil, aka Scott Morgan, drummer for Destroyer, has released his new EP as an interactive smartphone app.

Adrift features four “endless” tracks which “use structured random selection to continuously play with no beginning or end.” Each track, named after a ghost ship, is made from a combination of acoustic and electronic elements which Morgan recorded and produced so that the program randomly weaves them together on the fly. The result is an EP that sounds different each time you play it.

Adrift also features Elisa Thorn on harp, Kelly Wyse on piano and Mark Bridges on cello, and it arrived on iOS yesterday – check out the trailer below. The EP is Morgan’s second of the year, following February’s for Greta. [via RA]


1. Bannockburn
2. Baychimo
3. Orlova
4. Ryou-Un Maru



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