The band surprise travelers with their long-awaited new album.

Baltimore neo-psych godheads Animal Collective have been quietly working on their new album this year without letting much information out. We know it was recorded in Los Angeles in the same studio as the Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds and that it’s finished. Today the band surprised weary Thanksgiving travelers in Baltimore by playing the new album over the speakers at Baltimore-Washington International Airport.

The news came from Avey Tare’s cousin, Matt Baetz, who posted an Instagram about hearing new Animal Collective played in the airport. Tare responded with his own post confirming the news. Baetz later added that the album will play until 6pm and sounds best in the bathrooms. Upon Shazaming a song titled ‘Floridada’ appeared (we can confirm this is true).

@mattbaetz1 YouFoundUs?

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The sounds end at 6 so arrive before then. #floridada

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