John Frusciante keeps pretending that no one wants to hear his acid house experiments, but we know that ain’t true.

Earlier this year the former Red Hot Chili Pepper revealed he’d been making music with no intention of releasing it, saying he had “no audience” for his electronic and ambient music.

He’s now clarified those comments in a long letter to fans, stating: “Reduced to a single sentence, it would have been accurate to say that, at this point, I have no particular audience in mind while I am making music.

“Thinking this way gives me a certain freedom and stimulates growth and change. It is a state of mind that has been extremely useful to me from time to time throughout these last 27 years of being a professional musician.”

Anyway, upshot is: Frusciante has just launched his own SoundCloud and Bandcamp pages to share a heap of unreleased music for free.

Among the material is a collection of tracks recorded with the Renoise DAW between 2009 and 2011, his version of ‘Fight For Love’ from the movie Casa De Mi Padre, recorded with Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, and a version of Trickfinger’s ‘Sect In Sgt’.



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