The album sees the producer convert artist names into drum patterns.

Nicolas Jaar’s Other People label has announced the debut album from A Pleasure, the alias of New York producer Mark Hurst.

As the label explains in a press release, Jream House sees Hurst using a process of numerical transposition, taking the names of bands and artists significant to him and converting them into drum patterns. Hurst blends this “mathematical” approach with his own improvisation, using “traditional and unorthodox instruments” including bass, guitar, bowed cymbals, drum machines and even blowtorch on aluminium.

The seven-track album was released to subscribers of Other People in October, but will be see vinyl and general digital release on January 22. You can listen to the Balearic guitar and high-tempo beat of album track ‘Slow Channel’ below.

01. Durutti Gottsching
02. Arthur Russel
03. The Order of Things
04. Grace
05. Idoru
06. Slow Channel
07. Am Me Evol Eye



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