The noise rock band embrace polluted electronics on their third album.

Yesterday, we called Sacred Bones one of the 10 best labels of 2015 and it seems the Brooklyn establishment aren’t slowing down. Today they’ve announced Paradise, the new album from noise rockers and Sacred Bones-mainstays, Pop. 1280.

According to the press release, Paradise is a record “about the ills that technology has wrought in the modern world” and true to that description it’s their most electronic album to date bringing samplers, drum machines and synthesizers further into the fold. That much is clear on the anxious opener ‘Pyramids on Mars’ which starts with ominous synths and cello slaps that bring to mind a nightmarish inversion of Arthur Russell’s World Of Echo before building to a toxic meltdown. Listen to it below and look for Paradise January 22 next year.

Paradise tracklst:
01. ‘Pyramids On Mars’
02. ‘Phantom Freighter’
03. ‘In Silico’
04. ‘Chromidia’
05. ‘USS ISS’
06. ‘Paradise’
07. ‘Rain Song’
08. ‘The Last Undertaker’
09. ‘Kingdom Come’



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