Graspers will arrive via Germany’s !K7 in January.

AKASE is the name of the collaborative project from Midland and singer-songwriter Robbie Redway. The pair debuted earlier this year with their first single ‘Rust’, which arrived via the long-running !K7 imprint in June. An album was announced in November, and now we have all of the details.

AKASE’s first full-length will arrive next month, collecting ‘Rust’ and ten other tracks. The album was written, recorded and mixed with Ewan Pearson in Berlin and has been mastered through tape and cut at half speed by Matt Colton for maximum punch.

According tho !K7, the Graspers is “all about catching emotions and brief moments in time,” and was made for “post break-up nights in and emotionally laden post-club afterparties.” AKASE are also working on a live show in support of the album.

!K7 will release AKASE’s Graspers on January 22. Check the tracklist and stream ‘Rust’ below. [via RA]


01. Adrift
02. Rust
03. Borderlines
04. Beseech
05. Call
06. Is It Because
07. Murmur
08. Deft Ways
09. Feel A Little
10. Graspers
11. Extract



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