Backed with remixes from Moiré and S Olbricht.

Pixelord will release another EP under his Computer Graphics alias in January.

We Have To Go is Alexey Devyanin’s third EP as Computer Graphics following a five-track effort for Japan’s Diskotopia in June and an EP for Car Crash Set in 2013. Like those releases, the new EP showcases a more house-influenced sound compared to his Pixelord creations.

We Have To Go collects seven original cuts and comes backed with two versions of the title track by Moire plus additional remixes from Opal Tapes’ S Olbricht, RAD MACHINE, YAYATI and A I W A.

The EP will be released via Fuselab on  January 13. Stream ‘Sweet Lo-Fi’ below. [via RA]


01. If You Wanna Use It
02. Youth
03. Reaction
04. Sweet Lo-Fi
05. We Have To Go
06. Possible
07. WTF
08. We Have To Go (Moiré Remix Part 1)
09. We Have To Go (S Olbricht Remix)
10. We Have To Go (RAD MACHINE Remix)
11. We Have To Go (A I W A Remix)
12. We Have To Go (Moiré Remix Part 2)
13. We Have To Go (YAYATI Remix)



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