“There’s actually no CDs in the stores to even buy, that’s the main point.”

Jeremih has attacked Def Jam Recordings in a series of tweets, calling his label out for not getting enough copies of his new album to stores.

The R&B singer’s long-delayed Late Nights: The Album was released on December 4, but he has complained that Best Buy stores in the USA only received a handful of copies each.

‘Y’all don’t even deserve my voice,” the singer said in a series of tweets. “It’s not the fact that mi album was actually priced 18.99. There’s actually no CDs in the stores to even buy, that’s the main point. Each Best Buy was shipped 6-7 copies a piece.”

Jeremih’s rift with Def Jam has been going on for several years, with the follow-up to 2012’s Late Nights mixtape suffering a string of delays, and 2014’s ‘Don’t Tell ‘Em’ not receiving a video despite reaching number six in the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

While Jeremih hasn’t elaborated on the specific reasons for the problems with his label, he admitted in a recent interview with Complex he had done some “dumb things” with “very powerful people’s women.”

“It’s ok though, I got some’n for everybody who tried me,” he concluded.








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