Update: ‘Shut Up’ is currently #3 in the iTunes charts, and Stormzy’s fans are leaving the track on loop on Spotify overnight to try to get it harder. Props.

“Bun X-Factor.”

Stormzy might have only been around a couple of years, but he’s ascended to the top of the grime scene so quickly that he can basically do what he wants (as Jammer put it, it’s like the new kid at school who turns up and starts beating up older kids.) And what does he want now? Christmas number one.

Seemingly on a whim, the London artist decided that he wants ‘Shut Up’, his vocal of grime classic ‘Functions on the Low’ to be number one in the UK charts this Christmas. Here’s his tweet:


And Stormzy being Stormzy, we wouldn’t be surprised if his wish came true. According to Coral, he’s currently 14/1 to take the prize, behind John Williams (the Star Wars theme), X Factor drone Louisa Johnson, Justin Bieber and the NHS Choir. He’s level with the Military Wives Choir though, and ahead of Adele.

Stream ‘Shut Up’ below.



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