The Bristol label is back with another stocking stuffer.

Crazylegs had another great year: teaming with dJJ for one of the year’s best tracks, releasing new music by Deadboy, Ziro and ISLAND, and seeing their roster hit radio stations and clubs across the globe.

To celebrate, the label will release a cache of exclusive tracks — originals, remixes and edits — by the likes of Gage, TRC, Ziro, ISLAND, Bloom, dJJ, Sharp Veins and more, all for the price of an email. Sign up now and they’ll all arrive in your inbox on Christmas morning.

For a taste of what’s to come, listen to ISLAND banger ‘Too Much’ below. 2016 promises long records from gage, dJJ and TRC, along with new material and collaborations by ISLAND, Ziro, Bloom and the squad’s newest members.



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