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The original musique concrète?

German engineer Ricardo Kocadag has developed what we’re pretty sure is the world’s first concrete record, cut with Rolling Stones’ ‘(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction’,

Coming at it from an engineering rather than a musical point of view, the playable slab is made of a special “ultra high performance concrete” being developed for use on bridges, and high-rise buildings in order to exhibit just how exact and fine the new “super-concrete” material is.

At 6mm thickness, the concrete record doesn’t sound half bad and plays on a regular turntable, the results of which you can hear below. [via Electronic Beats]

German speakers can hear an interview with Kocadag about the concrete record on BLN.FM radio.

Die Beton-Schallplatte in Aktion.

So klingt die erste Schallplatte aus Beton. Wir hatten den Erfinder zu Gast im Studio. Wie er auf die Idee kam und was das Ganze soll, erzählt er im Interview auf BLN.FM

Posted by BLN.FM on Tuesday, December 29, 2015





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