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The Jensen all-in-one player is king on Amazon.

A humble turntable was Amazon’s best-selling home audio product this Christmas. The online retailer’s seasonal hit was the Jensen JTA-230, a three-speed stereo turntable with built-in speakers.

Priced at just over $50, the Jensen is about as entry-level as you can get, complete with USB port for digitising your records and a slot for your iPod. That said, it’s one of the only budget turntables with pitch control and tone adjustment (as well as the ability to play 78s – although you will need a different cartridge), so it’s more flexible than most budget brands.

That the Jensen was so popular suggests many were receiving it as their first ever turntable, reflecting the year on year rise in vinyl sales. Earlier this month, HMV was selling a turntable every minute in the run up to Christmas.

The second most popular home audio product this season was a Yamaha receiver that lets you wirelessly stream music from an iPhone or iPad, and behind that was the Sonos Play:1 starter set. [via Apple Insider]

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