“I’ve been holding [back] for a long time”, says the Outkast founder.

Though Outkast have had an incredibly successful reunion, many fans still pine for the day André 3000 will release new music. In an interview with Billboard focused on his work in American Crime today, Dre spoke about his desire to focus on music again.

“It kind of puts you in the place where you’re fiending to do music,” he said referring to his work in TV and film. “I’ve been holding [back] for a long time, so now I’m really interested in figuring out some type of music to do. I’m always recording”.

Even when asked about what’s he’s listening to he says he’s mostly just been in the studio listening to his own work. When pressed about details he pulls back and resists specifics.

“I’ve gotten in trouble before for saying when or what is coming, so I like to just kind of let it be. I’d like to put out some kind of music project, but we’ll see”.

It’s not much to go on, but in a year that’s already given us back LCD Soundsystem, anything could happen.



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