The founding of Dawn Chorus follows the same pattern that led to the band’s last two surprise releases.

In the growing build up to Radiohead’s new album, the band’s Reddit page has been a tireless source of investigation into any possible information. Today, as Consequence Of Sound points out, those fans pulled up something that could hint at an imminent release.

Last October, the band established a new company called Dawn Chorus LLP (documents of which are available on the Reddit page in a Google Drive link). In the case of the Radiohead’s last two albums — 2007’s In Rainbows and 2011’s The King Of Limbs — the band launched them as surprise releases, but established companies to support the releases beforehand. King Of Limbs was preceded by Ticker Tape Ltd. while In Rainbows was preceded by Xurbia Xendless Ltd.

As the pattern goes, it would put a surprise release of the band’s untitled ninth LP fairly close to this time of year. Even more curious is a link dating back to a 2009 interview with Yorke where he was asked about his current favorite song he’s working on. The title? ‘Dawn Chorus’.

Last month Radiohead shared the new song, ‘Spectre’, listen to it below.



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