The fledgling streaming service now has just half the number of paying customers as Spotify.

Apple Music has gained over 10 million paid subscribers in six months.

As the Financial Times reports, it’s a figure that took its rival Spotify six years to achieve. The figure is now just half of Spotify’s paid user base of 20 million.

“It’s good news that Apple is making streaming work but it is also going to accelerate the decline of downloads,” music industry analyst Mark Mulligan told the FT, who also believes Apple Music has “the potential to be the leading music subscription service sometime in 2017” based on its current rate of growth.

The number also eclipses services including Deezer and Tidal, which were reported to have had 6.3 million and 1 million paid subscribers last October.

Apple Music and Spotify might be picking up large numbers of paying customers, but artists continue to argue whether they’re getting a fair deal from streaming. Spotify has been hit with two class action lawsuits in recent weeks from artists alleging copyright infringement.



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