Photograph by: Elliott Lauren

Sound Pellegrino’s latest compilation is far from your average mix CD.

For SND.PE VOL.05, Teki Latex and DJ Orgasmic asked some of the sharpest club talents around – from Murlo to Helix to Vjuan Allure – to strip down their sound and contribute building blocks of original material designed to be put back together by the DJ.

The former FACT mixers wanted “a coherent piece made of incoherent pieces that would fit together like Tetris,” says Latex, explaining that Sound Pellegrino mixes always see DJing as a “construction game: take track A and blend it with track B in order to create track C.”

He adds: “What if this time we commissioned tracks so that it worked instantly? What if we could ask the most talented drum tool producers we know to make what they do best and our favorite melody specialists to compose drum-less melodies to stick on top of those drum tracks? The result is this mix made entirely of original, tailor-made Sound Pellegrino material.”

Loom, Murlo and Martel Ferdan are among the artists providing melodic tracks influenced by trance, grime and ambient, while Helix, Fraxinus and Vjuan Allure and more offer the rhythmic backbone, but there are also a few “hybrids”, including this surreal and heavy beauty from Melbourne producer Air Max ’97, with billowing ritual drums punctuated by squeaks and gasps.

Stream ‘Storm Water’ and look out for SND.PE VOL.05 on CD and digital now.



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