Laura Sparrow couldn’t release her debut album at a better time.

The Canadian producer known better as LNS already has a following in her city of Vancouver, but she caught even wider attention late last year with her entrancing Trushmix. That mix along would have been enough to secure her a spot in this week’s list of 10 house and techno producers to watch in 2016, but she followed it with the impossibly smooth technoir of “Minas’, the first single from her debut album, Maligne Range, coming this month via 1080p.

Now, LNS shares ‘Guppies’, a new track and one of the producer’s best blends of watery synths and hard, precise drum patterns. It’s a remarkably symbiotic piece of music, with the blurry melody constantly rippling under the drums as if each brittle beat were a pebble thrown into a pool.

Listen to it below and grab Maligne Range starting January 22 via 1080p’s Bandcamp.



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