The new company will release new turntables and mixers in limited runs.

The founder of recently bankrupted turntable brand Vestax is planning to relaunch the company.

As DJ Tech Tools reports, Vestax founder Hidesato Shiino has announced the release of a new mixer, turntable and pre-amp under the new STP/Vestax name, along with several other products. Shiino comfirmed the news on the blog of his guitar repair shop, PACO1977.

“While my purpose is not commercial-level output, I will release a mixer rebranded as STP / VESTAX with our VESTAX image, in order to support and keep our global VESTAX fans, and I hope it will receive strong, warm encouragement,” Shiino writes.

“There is significant experienced thought behind the development and production of this mixer, as top-quality sound has been the priority behind its development. It is also matched with a distinct yet subtle design.”

The Vestax products will start shipping in March 2016, and will be released in limited runs of 10-20 per month, sold to users direct through the new STP/Vestax website.

Vestax filed for bankruptcy in December 2014, despite the turntable brand being much loved among many DJs. In his post, Shiino details the events that led to the brand’s demise, attributing its failings to a number of key individuals leaving the company and a focus on low-end, inferior quality products.

“After five years, the constitution of the company had completely changed, with scandals involving its proprietor, and interest in the company began to vanish,” he writes.

“For some years the management position was: “We can not make something from scratch” as “new products can not be sold”. As a result, most people left the company and disappeared. Upon the company closing, a check was made on product-quality, and was found to be quite inferior when compared with the 2002 output.”

Vestax’s revival comes shortly after the launch of a new SL-1200 turntable from Technics.



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