R&S Records’ bright star adds shine. 

Lone has worked his magic on the new single from Nimmo, a London five-piece making breezy tracks inspired by garage, jungle and ’80s electro-pop, and currently tipped for big things after a debut EP on Kitsuné in 2014.

Their new single ‘UnYoung’, originally produced by Boxed In, has just been given an luscious piano-rave makeover by Lone, who throws his signature twinkling keys and phased synths over chunky, rolling bass drums. Definitely an antidote to the band’s description of the track as “a song about the fear of our parents or loved ones dying”. Stream it below.

‘UnYoung’ follows Nimmo’s Tim Goldsworthy-produced single ‘Dilute This’ and is out on Columbia Records now, with remixes by Lone and Paul Woolford due on January 29.

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