Alice Cohen has been making music for a long time while remaining frustratingly under the radar.

In other words, she was the perfect candidate to work with Olde English Spelling Bee on 2009’s Walking Up Walls and 2012’s Pink Keys. They’re a label earned a reputation for finding artists like that before disappearing for a few years. Now with the label running back at full speed (something we’re very excited about if you read our list of labels to watch in 2016) Cohen returned last year with Into Grey Salons, a record of luxurious synth-pop best captured in the single ‘Backwards’.

The record was inspired by a historic Philidelphia department store, where Cohen remembers teens lining up “to buy concert tickets at the grand ornate building, while the gothic pipe organ played inside”. Her new video for ‘ ‘The Apothecary’, directed by Stephanie Wuertz, captures some magic from that lost age with it’s gorgeous images shot entirely on film. Watch it below and look for Into Grey Salons via Olde English Spelling Bee.

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