‘GN-108036’ sees the UK techno veteran in searing form.

The first album in five years from Anthony Child under his Surgeon alias is released on January 29, and it’s shaping up to be a bit of a belter.

Titled From Farthest Known Objects, the veteran UK techno producer’s forthcoming LP has an astronomical theme inspired by the vintage equipment used to make the album. As he explained earlier this month, the unusual results he recorded when experimenting with his hardware gave him the impression he was hearing musical transmissions from distant galaxies.

Child worked with astrophysicist Dr Andrew Read to determine which galaxies each of his recordings might have come from, and FACT has the first listen of the track named after GN-108036, a galaxy whose light takes 12.9 billion years to reach us.

If you’re worried the album’s conceptual background might mean Child’s mellowed out since his last Surgeon album, fear not – on the basis of the track streaming below, it should be full of classic Birmingham techno.

From Farthest Known Objects is released on Surgeon’s Dynamic Tension label on January 29, but those that pre-order the album from Bleep get access to an exclusive album stream immediately.



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