Kanye? Too aggressive?

Kanye West announced last night that the album we’ve all been coming to expect as Swish would instead be called Waves. While this could be viewed as a nod to his current SoCal habitat, a tweet he made about currently-incarcerated Harlem rapper and French Montana associate Max B. caused a little bit of a stir on Twitter, as “wavy” is one of Max B.’s calling cards.

Most notably, Wiz Khalifa took umbrage with Kanye’s hat-tip, retweeting it with “Yea alright” followed up with “Max B. number one trending. FREE THE WAVE.” It’s likely Wiz was accusing Kanye of swagger-jacking Max B. — although, considering there was acknowledgement, it is probably more of a tribute — and the shots didn’t end there.

Later, Wiz tweeted “Hit this kk and become yourself,” seemingly a come-hither pronouncement at West’s wife Kim Kardashian (or maybe just weed! UPDATE: Wiz claims kk is, in fact, weed.). (And, in case you forgot, Wiz was formerly married to Kanye’s ex Amber Rose.)

Yeah, Kanye didn’t like that (read from bottom to top):

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 2.32.27 PM








More, as this continues.



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