If you’ve been in the vicinity of a Russell Haswell live set recently, you’ll know his modular synth is one of the noisiest in the business.

Beyond stealing Haswell’s rig, there’s no easy way to recreate his signature style of sonic abrasion. Sensing a gap in the market, boutique modular company ALM/Busy Circuits has collaborated with Haswell on a module that will bring a taste of his sound to the Eurorack community.

Called Haswell’s Taiko, the limited edition unit is a drum module based on the company’s popular Dinky’s Taiko, with a “harsher, darker look and sound.” The killer app is a sound bank with 30 waveforms “hand-drawn” by Haswell for the module, capable of delivering some ear-splitting frequencies.

You can watch Haswell’s Taiko in action below, and find a full list of specs at the Busy Circuits website. It should be released in early 2016, but a price has yet to be confirmed.



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