Cairo’s electronic underground is the focus of the next UIQ release.

Lee Gamble’s UIQ label has shared details of its next release, the debut from Cairo-based multi-instrumentalist, producer and sound artist Ahmed El Ghazoly aka ZULI.

The six-track Bionic Ahmed EP is Ghazoly’s debut, but he’s been a key figure in Cairo’s underground club scene for over a decade. He co-founded the city’s famed music space and club night VENT, which has brought acts like Ben UFO, Aurora Halal and Gamble himself to Egypt in recent years.

With a style that splices techno and jungle rhythms with gamelan tones and UK-inspired bass pressure, ZULI’s music makes an excellent counterpoint to that of Gamble’s own nostalgic excursions into rave and the shattered club music of N1L, whose debut launched the UIQ label last year.

Bionic Ahmed is released on January 28 on 12″ and digital formats, but you can watch the video for EP highlight ‘Robotic Handshakes in 4D’ below, which sets the track’s “dessicated 2-step” and stretched-out vocals alongside some suitably slo-mo raving.


A1. Robotic Handshakes in 4D
A2. compactpact
A3. 131001G
B1. Robotic Jabs in 4D
B2. Ahmed?
B3. Dr. Beckett



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