The existentialist returns with her eleventh solo album.

Susanna’s collaborative album with Jenny Hval, Meshes Of Voices, was one of the finest albums of 2015 (at least we thought so), and after keeping us sated with an EP of Tina Turner and Leonard Cohen covers last summer, the Norwegian singer-songwriter-composer-arranger has announced her next full-length.

Triangle is billed as “soul music for lost souls” made from layers of voice, electronics, piano, violin and tuba. Re-examining her relationship with spirituality and superstition, the album finds her in “intimate, confessional mode,” the press release notes, “confront[ing] existential darkness head-on” and “filled with magical omens, apocalyptic fires, black holes and floodwaters that constantly threaten oblivion.”

The album is due April 22 via SusannaSonata, and you can stream first single ‘Burning Sea’ below. Susanna is also playing London’s Cafe Oto on April 19 if you want to see her do her thing live.



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