Timbaland is not impressed by today’s beatmakers.

The current generation of hip-hop producers are nothing more than programmers according to Timbo, who was on Ebro’s HOT 97 show recently talking about how technology is changing the game.

“I don’t think we have producers anymore, I think we have great programmers,” he told the host. “Beats are not made how we used to do them, I think they come as a package. The looping is for you to figure out which program to run it through to trick it out and to make something that once was something totally different.

“I take patterns, layers and blend the colors. People don’t even know how to make their own snares anymore.”

Later in the conversation he heaped praise on Drake, calling him “the King”. “He doing everything in the 90s, but flipping it in a cooler way. People need to pay attention to him,” he said.

Watch the full conversation below.



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