The shop cites unnecessary reissues and increased costs as reasons for giving the event a miss.

Leading Berlin record shop OYE will not be taking part in this year’s Record Store Day, The Vinyl Factory reports.

OYE Records partner Markus Lindner said that despite the increased awareness of independent record shops the event has created, Record Store Day no longer sits comfortably with the objectives of the German store.

Lindner listed five reasons why OYE would not be participating:

1. There are too many releases on that single day, which represent more work and higher costs than make it worthwhile.

2. The smaller labels with which we work closely the rest of the year are finding it harder and harder to press records in time, largely due to RSD backlog.

3. The releases aren’t really in line with what we sell, particularly since the majors jumped on RSD to release, what are to our mind, unnecessary reissues.

4. I’ve tried for years, without success, to speak with the organisers of RSD to go through the catalogue together to pick out only the most interesting releases.

5. Every day is record store day.

OYE Records, which operates in two locations in Berlin, isn’t the first shop to shun Record Store Day. Last year Glasgow’s Rubadub and South London’s YAM Records opted out of the official festivities to hold their own independent events.

Despite the increasing backlash against the annual event, organisers are pressing ahead for 2016, with a leaked list of exclusives suggesting Record Store Day really needs to get its shit together.



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