BBF Hosted by DJ Escrow features collaborations with Arca and Mica Levi.

Dean Blunt is returning to Hyperdub for an album from his Babyfather project in April.

Titled BBF Hosted by DJ Escrow, the 23-track album includes three collaborations with Arca, including the recent track ‘Meditation’, and a collaboration with Mica Levi called ‘God Hour’.

The press release from Hyperdub comes with a testimonial from Idris Elba, which reads: “Without a doubt, I guarantee that it will be in rotation at every club, at every party and coming out the speakers of every car …this makes me proud to be British”.

Uncertainty still surrounds the line-up of Babyfather. Blunt is known to be a member, but the identity of the supposed group’s other members as well as DJ Escrow are unknown.

Released on April 1, the album follows a number of mixtapes from Blunt under the Babyfather name, including the recent Platinum Tears.



1. Stealth Intro
2. Greezebloc
3. Meditation ft Arca
4. Escrow
5. Shook
6. Motivation
8. Platinum Cookies
9. Esco Freestyle
10. Stealth
11. God Hour ft Mica Levi
12. N.A.Z
13. Juice
15. Killuminatti
16. Escrow 2
17. Deep ft Arca
18. Escrow 3
19. The Realness
20. Flames
21. Snm ft Arca
22. Stealth Outro
23. Message



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