Audiopill is a “techno party you can’t escape.”

Czech artist Jan Poope has created a legal but definitely not safe alternative to ecstasy: a mechanical pill that vibrates as it makes its way through your body’s digestive tract.

“Audiopill will make you feel like you are standing in the middle of a concert hall with a powerful audiosystem inside your body,” explains the Indiegogo page for the “experimental art device.”

“The only diference is there’s an absolute silence all around and you are experiencing the music in perfect privacy and only from the inside.”

Poope developed the Audiopill from a medical device called Sirio, which was originally designed to heal injuries using low-frequency ultrasound waves.

Audiopill contains a magnet-activated motor, and has a BPM range between 95 and 143bpm. Once it’s been swallowed, there’s no way to turn it off: either it comes out the other end or it runs out of battery after 10 hours.

It works in the same way as swallowing an endoscope capsule, but it’s in no way medically approved: Poope says that he has been warned by doctors and polymer experts “to never ever swallow anything like this.”

Poope told Dazed: “Though I made Audiopill carefully, it may disintegrate in the digestive tract, or it may remain for example in the caecum. It’s certainly not safe.”

It’s not clear if the Audiopill is a prank or a genuine business idea, but we may never find out: Poope’s Indiegogo campaign has already failed to raise its ambitious €150,000 goal – probably because of the Audiopill’s final caveat:

“It is also strongly recommended that you inspect your faeces to be sure the device has made it through and out safely (in approx. 48 hours).”

While the failure of Audiopill to raise its funding is probably a good thing for our digestive systems, it would have made the perfect partner for wearable rhythm controller DrumPants.



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