The French synth veteran returns with a 16-track album.

In Aeternam Vale is releasing an album of archival material and new tracks spanning four decades.

The project of Lyon-based Laurent Prot, In Aeternam Vale debuted in 1983 with number of EBM and punk-influenced proto-techno productions, later uncovered by Veronica Vasicka’s Minimal Wave label on a series of archival releases.

Recent years have seen Prot revive In Aeternam Vale with live shows and releases on Jealous God and Samuel Kerridge’s Contort label, which will soon be joined by an album called Pink Flamingos on Parisian label DEMENT3D.

The album, which covers six sides of vinyl and has a duration of over two hours, was originally intended to explore Prot’s experimental and drone interests, but later expanded to include “unedited techno jams”.

The 16-track album, which is comprised of tracks made between 1986 and 2014, features music dating back to the time of his accidental dub techno track ‘Ultrabase’.

There are no samples of Pink Flamingos yet, but you can watch a live performance of album track ‘Feed Me’ ahead of its release in May.

DM3D013 Artwork


A1. Clobenzorex (1988)
A2. Soundscape 5 (2013)
A3. Feed Me (2013)
B1. B (2014)
B2. Alone (2014)
B3. Soundscape 2 (2013)
C1. 181 (1989)
C2. Congestion Cosh (1995 )
D1. Soundscape 1 (2013)
D2. Hole (1996)
E1. Autour Du Signal (2013)
E2. 176 (1989)
F1. Soundscape 4 (2013)
F2. Drones (2015)
F3. Soundscape 3 (2013)
F4. La Pluie (1986)

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