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If you’re partial to furiously button-bashing through battles against friends on Street Fighter, one thing in particular probably pricked your attention when listening to the Kanye West album that dropped earlier this month. Turns out Yeezy must be similarly addicted to the classic beat-’em-up franchise, because new record The Life Of Pablo samples some of the series’ unmistakable sound effects and noises.

Well, Kanye, you’re not alone. A new documentary delving into the enduring impact of the series on both gaming and broader international youth culture has landed online via VICE today. Street Fighter: KO Dreams explores “the history of the game and its myriad of influences on wider culture,” according to its makers, and is available to watch now.

Presented by grime DJ Logan Sama, the film traces the franchise’s history, from the breakout success of Street Fighter II right up to 2016’s blockbuster reboot Street Fighter V. Featuring contributions from two of the game’s biggest aficionados, series executive producer Yoshinori Ono and globe-trotting pro-player Ryan Hart, KO Dreams throws a spotlight on the series and its massive, multi-generational cult audience, glimpsing inside amateur tournament communities based around the game and other subcultures it’s spawned.

Watch the film below, or head over to VICE Gaming for more. Street Fighter V is out now for Playstation 4 and PC.

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